Attempts at fan games are numerous and widespread. The number of successes is less than 5%, and that’s being optimistic. Even more abysmal is the percent of incredible successes like the one we have here now – Super Mario Bros X. The video above speaks for itself so in addition to that I’ll just quote the homepage’s feature list which should clear any doubt from your mind that this game is more than worthy of downloading.

  • Five playable characters including: Toad, Peach, and Link
  • Over 50 cleverly designed levels in the default episode
  • Easy to use level editor with thousands of objects to choose from
  • Both classic and new power ups such as Yoshi and The Billy Gun
  • Two player co-op with an intelligent camera that splits and combines
  • An intense battle mode that will leave you coming back for more

While I’m on the subject let me also point you towards the still ongoing, orgasm inducing project to fully remake Metroid IIAM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake). They have recently released a demo of sorts, and by all accounts the game seems to be closing in to completion. What more can one ask for?

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