We never saw it coming. Or maybe we did, but Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is finally getting its 3.0 update, and it is quite the beefy patch. The first DLC fighter, Joker from Persona 5, is included along with 11 new music tracks, a new stage and several other updates to the game.

Joker is likely to be the major attraction for many players as he’s a new fighter to the game’s already massive roster. Joker’s primary gimmick is the Rebellion Gauge, as it leads to his Persona, Arsene. Joker’s Rebellion Gauge fills when he deals or takes damage, and even when he’s behind in stock. When it’s full, his Down-B will summon Arsene. Arsene enhances his special moves, giving them extra properties. His Final Smash is the All Out Attack, in which he summons other members of the Phantom Thieves after an initial slash forward, and then back should the initial strike fail.

Accompanying Joker is the Mementos stage from his home game, and it has many hazards to watch out for. Perhaps the most impressive thing for the Persona fans is the stage shifting colors to represent Persona 3 and Persona 4. 11 new tracks are included if arrangements are counted, and the stage visually changes colors along with the music to highlight one of the three titles. The victory screen changes as well when Joker wins and will play the victory track that matches the colors. Finally, the mix rate can be changed from the My Music screen in Smash Ultimate.

Along with this update are the return of the stage builder and a video editor. There is also the addition of the Smash World app, which will add a lot of life to the game. The stage builder is sure to please many fans, as it will allow for sharing and liking to occur through the “Yeah” system. Players can also follow creators in a similar fashion.

As a huge Persona fan, I am incredibly excited about Joker’s inclusion, and I have zero problems with all that has been done with Joker. The stage is also wonderfully crafted, and the music is truly a treat as it references three games in the series. I could not ask for more from a single fighter pack, and it just makes me excited for more. However, Nintendo has set a very high bar with this pack, so hopefully it’s indicative of the remaining four.

Are you excited to take Joker into Smash? Let us know down below!

Source: Nintendo

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