While many of us are plugging away, adventuring through Hyrule and Lorule in A Link Between Worlds (Don’t forget to use our Spoiler-Free A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough if you get stumped folks), Super Mario 3D World is arguably the single biggest game launched today out of Nintendo. That’s no disrespect to Zelda of course, but the Wii U is the platform most in need of quality games such as this. Mario and Link really don’t have much in common, though Mario taking a few things out the Zelda realm hasn’t been unheard of in the past (hello, Mario 3D Land). This time around however, the reference is extremely obvious.

In the video above you not only have a classic torch lighting “puzzle” straight out of Zelda lore, you have the actual Zelda sprite present from The Legend of Zelda (NES). To top it all off, you get a remixed version of Zelda‘s theme song. Kudo’s on you, Mario team. Great to see some cross franchise love.

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