Summer Games Done Quick is upon us once more, and there are five Zelda titles on the schedule for this year. The annual speedrunning for charity event begins on July 2nd at 9:30AM and is scheduled to last until July 8th at 9:43 PM. The first Zelda title is Twilight Princess HD, and it starts at  3:36 PM on July 6th. Following that is a swordless run of A Link to the Past at 7:11PM on July 6th, The Adventure of Link at 8:41 PM, Link’s Awakening at 9:51PM and finally Majora’s Mask on July 8th at 1:28PM.

It’s always nice to see Games Done Quick. Some of the gimmick runs, like the no sword challenge for A Link to the Past, are especially cool to watch. I could never be a speedrunner due to my overwhelming insistence on defeating every enemy in sight, but it’s fun to watch these runs.

Are you planning to watch these runs? Let us know down below.

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