UntitledIt’s that time of year again! It’s sweltering hot, the sun is shining, and the outdoors is ready for playing in! Time to leave that until later, and sit inside to watch some awesome speed runs. Summer Games Done Quick, SpeedDemosArchive‘s week-long speedrun marathon, raising money for charity, is starting in July, and Zelda games are on the list of games to be broken, glitched and exploited. Get ready for all the wrong warps, super swims and early items under the sun, because the best of Zelda is set for this sweet marathon.

Check out the scheduled times for Zelda games after the jump!


Monday July 27th – 8:35 PM:
Twilight Princess, Run by Giradam, Est. Time: 3:20:00

Wednesday July 29th – 7:15 PM:
Link’s Awakening DX (Any% no out of bounds; Incentive for 100%), Run by LeonPowPow, Est. Time: 1:40:00

Wednesday July 29th – 9:00 PM:
BONUS! The Legend of Zelda (swordless), Run by jkoper, Est. Time: 0:56:00

Friday July 31st – 4:50 AM:
Majora’s Mask 3D, Run by NOUFozzy, Est. Time: 2:15:00

Saturday August 1st – 5:30 AM:
The Wind Waker (Any% No Major Glitches; incentive for 100%), Run by Chaotic_Ace, Est. Time: 4:15:00

Saturday August 1st – 9:00 PM:
A Link To The Past, Run by Xelna, Est. Time: 2:00:00

Saturday August 1st – 11:05 PM:
Ocarina of Time, Run by Jodenstone, Est. Time: 0:25:00

Check out the full schedule here.

The marathon is raising money for Doctors Without Borders, so make sure to get some donations in. The prizes are not yet listed, but once they are, we will likely report on it, so check back in before the marathon starts. Also, if you would like to attend, check out the How to Attend page on SDA’s site!

This is going to be another awesome stream, and who knows? Maybe some Zelda will be played in the bonus stream after the event is over. Will you guys be binge watching that week? What game are you most excited to see run? Leave a comment below!

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