While all of the hype about the anticipated Infamous: Second Son coming out this Friday, the game’s lead designer, Jaime Griesemer, has announced that he has left Sony’s Sucker Punch Productions.

On his Twitter, he said this: “@GiantGodzilla: Thanks. I’m excited for people to get their hands on it. And yes, I have left SP. Not really talking about it yet, tho.”

Since this post, Griesemer later has stated the following:

“I appreciate all the well-wishes on the news that I am leaving Sucker Punch, but please don’t take the timing as cause for concern about Second Son–it’s a great game that I am proud to have on my resume and I can’t wait for everyone to play it–or Sucker Punch–a studio on the rise with a bright future–or Sony–a great organization with some of the savviest, most pro-gamer executives in the business. And while I am honored to be mentioned in the same articles as legendary designers like Amy Hennig and Stig Asmussen, please don’t look too hard for some sinister pattern.”

“The truth is that any creative, vibrant industry is necessarily volatile; the only sure bet is that the next few years will not look the same as the last. Change is part of the job, but along with the upheaval and uncertainty, there’s opportunity and new challenges. It’s an exciting time to be a free agent and I’m going to go see what’s out there. Simple as that…”

We at Gamnesia are excited for the game, and wish you the best in life, Jaime.

Are you sad to see Griesmer leave? Are you excited for Infamous: Second Son? Tell us in the comments!

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