How hard is it to actually sing in acapella? Sure, it may seem like a breeze considering all you need is your sole voice with a good note range yet give it a try and you may find it’s quite a struggle to reach some strenuous notes. This thought is why we need to pay respect to our featured musician in this post for his unbelievable talent in mastering the art of acapella.  Everyone’s favourite Legend of Zelda acapella singer Smooth McGroove has delivered another awe-inspiring composition using only his mouth from our favourite gaming series! This time around he’s produced the beautiful piece from Twilight Princess commonly known as “Midna’s Lament” and the finishing product is an absolute must listen.

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The skills of this man’s voice cannot be compared with the way he keeps his lengthy hair and beard so neat and tidy as both are remarkable feats of their own. That rendition of “Midna’s Lament” is quite possibly one of the greatest I’ve ever heard. It’s a dark, sad tune and Smooth McGroove’s sensational voice chills the spine even more than the original ever will. Certainly, my favourite production from this great acapellist.

What are your thoughts on this acapella version of “Midna’s Lament”? Are you a fan of Smooth McGroove? Are you stunned at his singing abilities? Please be sure to let your thoughts and opinions fill the comments section below!

Source: YouTube