Studson Studio makes highly entertaining DIY videos. As a crafter and miniaturist, his game and movie projects range from being strictly on-model to extremely odd takes. His latest is staunchly the latter.

With his confident mix of blatant puns, clever editing, and subtle audio cues, Studson narrates this somewhat creepy project into a genuinely hilarious watch. Even if he never really digs into where the inspiration came from. Fans of Studson Studio will pick up on some recurring in-jokes about how much of his crafting materials are horse-themed. To say more would be to rob the video of its randomness.

Having done a number of past projects that were more purely themed on The Legend of Zelda, Studson wears his love of the series on his sleeve. And this monstrous take on Epona, strange as it is, still provides him several excellent teachable moments for aspiring crafters.

I’m a huge fan of Studson Studio and encourage you to check out his whole YouTube channel. And for a throwback, you could even read my Zelda Dungeon interview with him from when his channel was just beginning to take off.

How did you like watching the Horse Lord of Long Long Ranch come together? Are you a fan of Studson Studio or any other pop culture miniaturists? Let us know down in the comments!

Source: Studson Studio

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