As the Nintendo Switch library grows, so do its owners’ collections of game cartridges. Standard game cases get the job done, but how about adding a unique Zelda flare to your storage setup? Look no further than this handcrafted Bokoblin Chest Game Card Case. This creative case is available in white, grey, pink, and chocolate (with sprinkles!). Not only can you use it to store four Switch cartridges and two microSD cards, but the chest can double as a ring box for a Zelda-themed proposal. Grab one for $44.99+shipping exclusively at RegisBox!

The case has small magnets on the base and lid to keep it sealed. Also, a sponge is placed in the bottom of it to hold the games and SD cards, but is removable for anyone who wants to use it as a storage box for accessories, keys, or other small items.

The chocolate chest is a special “dessert edition” color, and the white is for fans who want to get creative with their own design. Those opting to paint their own are advised to follow these instructions for best results:

  • Soak the chest in water and add a little mild detergent for 12 hours
  • Brush off the chest’s surface to remove the remaining mold releasing agent
  • Dry off the chest
  • Paint the chest with acrylic paints or model paints designed for plastic

If you like this handcrafted Bokoblin chest, check out some of RegisBox’s other Zelda products.

What do you think of this Zelda-themed Switch cartridge case? Are there any other unique Zelda items you’d be interested in seeing brought to life in a functional way like this? Let us know in the comments!

Source: RegisBox

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