The-Legend-of-Zelda-A-Link-Between-WorldsWe love it when fans get together and do amazing artwork. From drawings to jewelry to carpentry, Zelda fans are talented in all kinds of fields. In the past we have seen many eye-popping, dramatic and accurate portrayals of some of our favorite characters, but now we get the opportunity to see a different kind of video from a YouTuber named AWE me.

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What I love most about this video is the initial background is completely hand-drawn. Most stop-motion videos use physical props or items pre-made somewhere else, whereas in this piece, over 90% of what we see has been created by the artist for the purpose of the video. It’s really fun how the creators incorporated what real-life objects they did because they add to the realism behind the idea instead of acting as pure background. It probably would have been easier to just draw in pots and then draw them in broken, but these folks went the extra mile to make a truly special video.

After seeing this short clip, what do you love most about it? Tell us some of the projects you’ve done because of your Zelda appreciation in the comments!

Source: YouTube

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