Two years of ZeldaInformer history

have elapsed, and with our celebration week nearing an end, it’s time

to stop dwelling on the past, and look into the future. We’ve had a

great two years, but I can guarantee you that it is only going to get

better and better.

We promise to keep you updated on all of the Zelda news you need and more, to bring you articles from the Bombers, and to bring you some debate sparking casual articles… Wait a minute. We’re already doing all that. Didn’t I say it’s going to be getting a lot better from here on out? Well, I didn’t lie, because there’s going to be lots of new things added to the ZeldaInformer repertoire. The future promises many great things from ZeldaInformer, and as some clichĂ©s like to point out, ‘you ain’t seen nothing yet’, and, ‘the best is yet to come’.

Some of site staff have their thoughts to share as we step into the future:

“With a growing fan base for the Zelda series, and an expanding group

of wonderful members on the forums, I’m sure ZeldaInformer will continue to

prosper in the future. The Bombers will continue to provide fantastic

articles, theorists will drum up discussions on the forums and the

talented staff will continue to deliver quality news to the public.

There will be new sections in the forums, many more staff projects to

amuse fans and new Zelda games to discuss and enjoy.”

-Viral (Bomber)

“ZeldaInformer, if I may say, has one of the brightest futures of any of

the Zelda fan sites out there. Obviously since I am inside the team and

helping get most of our ideas going it’s easy to say that. Still, the

future is brighter then ever. Bringing you new types of content, and as

always continuing to make you look at the Zelda franchise in ways you

could never imagine. The future is very, very bright. I think the fans

are going to get excited as we move forward in the same way the staff

is excited about the projects we are doing for them. Thats right folks,

everything ZeldaInformer does is for you, and we can’t wait to share with you the

projects that have our staff clamoring for the clock to move forward.” – Nathan (Owner/Webmaster)

ZeldaInformer is steadily growing, both in quantity and quality, with

no end in sight. With an expanding community, and an excellent line-up

of content and future projects, the road ahead looks good for ZeldaInformer.” – Erimgard (Bombers Editor)

“Is ZeldaInformer legal in website years yet?” nick (Staff, Future Inmate)

The future is bright, and we hope you will be here to share it with us. The end of our celebration week for this year beckons in a new era for ZeldaInformer; one that will kick off with two big surprises within the next couple of days.

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