Clock Tower

Nate said it got him thinking, a lot. Sounds like it deserves a read then. It does. It got me thinking, a lot. What is “it”? It is an article from our friend Octo Rocked from over at Zelda Dungeon. It is called “Steampunk Zelda: It Could Work”. At first we always tend to think that steampunk just isn’t Zelda – look at the rage there was over the “Valley of the Flood” rumors, and even the Spirit Train in Spirit Tracks. I remember sticking up for that one.

The point of Octo’s article is that sure, nobody wants Nintendo to take Zelda and dump it in the 20th or 21st century. That’s just wrong, but that isn’t steampunk. Steampunk was the era of steam powered technology – like trains, boats – even water wheels. Octo mentions how a good percentage of Zelda actually already is steampunk – let’s just say 13.7%. Some items like the hookshot, even certain cultures and dungeons like Great Bay Temple and the Goron Mines. Those are exactly what steampunk is, and after reading this article, I very well think that a more steampunk Zelda would actually work. It could be that breath of fresh air the series needs, without leaving its roots. What do you think?

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