Stay Tuned

Thanksgiving’s coming up here in the USA. I hope you all can make it to your homes to spend time with family and stuff your bellies. Hooray for pumpkin pie!

Well, we missed Shigeru Miyamoto’s birthday by a day… but be assured, we will not make the same mistake next year! Happy B-day Mr. M!

Oh yea! I guess some stuff has happened in the Zelda world lately that’s kinda worth mentioning… Like, some random Super Smash Brawl updates, a gimicky Zelda fan game made for the Nintendo Wii…. What else… oh, umm, there’s also that new Mario game for the Wii that came out… but that’s not really Zelda related…

Back to site news! I uploaded tons of spiffy smilies that I made a few years back, using some basic forum smilies as a template. I tried to make my own version of the MSN smilies, as well as invented some of my own. Anyway, there’s over 50 of them and most are animated. Some examples are below:

With that being said, we’re working hard here to pump out some content for Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving, the 23rd). We have a large variety of things we’ve got up our sleeves, and we’ll be patching it up the few remaining days. Stay tuned, it’s going to be exciting

In other news, I’m getting married! I proposed to my lady friend of two and a half years on the 7th. I took her to a romantic getaway on the beach next to a “No Camping” sign. Chicks dig it.

So. Spiffy update next week. Heck yea!

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