As a Zelda player, one has to remember to stay hydrated. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing for a few minutes or a few hours, every player must remember to keep a cool drink handy. And while you are trying to remain absolutely quenched during your one-millionth playthrough of The Wind Waker, you can do so with a little bit of flair.

Said flair comes to us in the form of Zelda-designed glass sippers from Etsy seller RiskyQuizness. Called the Hyrule Kingdom Glass Sippers, these 18 ounce drinking containers (as seen in the gallery below) come in a variety of designs from such Zelda titles as Ocarina of TimeMajora’s Mask, and The Wind Waker.

Each of these sippers (with a bamboo top and straw) cost $15 USD, while buying two of them will run you $29 USD. Plus, you can buy Nintendo-themed drink coasters from their shop to help mesh with the sipper designs as well.

RiskyQuizness doesn’t stop there, as they also make a variety of pop culture-themed merchandise centered around films like Hocus PocusScreamBack to the Future, Wall-E, and a whole lot more. One of the reasons for that is the fact that their Etsy shop is a small part of their other business, which is running weekly pop culture trivia events in the San Jose, California area! That is a very clever and inventive way to get your local brand known across the world.

What do you think of these glass sippers? Will you be trying to purchase one for yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: RiskyQuizness

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