We’ve seen lots of snippets here and there over the last few days of E3’s Skyward Sword boss demo – but thanks to Game Trailers, this video has the whole thing from start to finish. From the storyline dialog at the beginning, the whole fight, the ending and the usual heart piece get – this has it all. Well, except for the quality sound effects and music that is.

Of course, all of Ghirahim’s licks and flamboyancy are there. I like this video because it gives us a decent chunk of information on the storyline. A lot we’ve already pieced together throughout the week already. Be warned, although it doesn’t give away any real spoilers, if you’re the type that likes discovering all of the little details for yourself, stay away from this.

You can either watch the video below yourself, read my quick rundown of the notable story details, of which have all been in part somewhat mentioned throughout our coverage of the last few days. Heck, why not do both:.

  • The tornado that sucks Zelda down from Skyloft came from Ghirahim.
  • Ghirahim is chasing “her holiness” Zelda with everything he’s got.
  • Ghirahim is a “demon” presiding over the “land below” – he calls it the “surface” and not Hyrule.
  • Some “servant of the goddess” snatched Zelda away from Ghirahim (yes, singular goddess).
  • I also love how the terms “murder”, “bloodshed” and “life and death” are all tossed around as second nature, showing this as a more mature Zelda title.

Source: Game Trailers

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