Words of wisdomNintendo of America usually releases their major first party titles on Sunday in the U.S., however it looks like we’ve lucked out and get to relive what I believe is the best game in the Star Fox series a bit early. Star Fox 64 3D will launch on Friday, September 9th. It’s always nice to be able to play a game earlier than expected.

I loved the original, and have very fond memories of playing it for hours at a time, collecting all the gold medals and unlocking all the nifty little multiplayer stuff along the way. Aside from the obvious graphic overhaul with 3D visuals, this version also features some pretty nifty multiplayer features as well. Oh! and who could forget about the gyroscope controls!

I actually really enjoyed the gyroscope aiming in Ocarina of Time 3D , and I have a feeling I’ll try it out in Star Fox as well. Not on my daily commute to the city though, people would probably give me some strange looks while riding the subway, but maybe while sitting at work on a slow day. The only thing I’m a little bit bummed about is the lack of online multiplayer. Nintendo really could have used this opportunity to show off the 3DS’s online capabilities in a first party title. Ah well, I suppose I could always be Captain Creeper and sit around the Nintendo World Store, challenging random people to a virtual dog fight in the skies of Corneria

So, are you guys excited about the early release? Which Star Fox game is your favorite in the series? Are you bummed about the lack of online multiplayer as well? Let us know!

Source: Joystiq

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