Mases Hagopian


Location: West Dundee, IL
Favorite Zelda: A Link to the Past
Date Joined: August 19th, 2001

Well, my mind is getting hazy... Please let me hear the sound of the flute one last time...

After playing the Legend of Zelda for the first time back in the NES era, Mases truly fell in love with the series with the release of A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo. His love for the series led him to become an active member of the online Zelda community, eventually leading to the launch of Zelda Dungeon in August of 2001. Since then, Mases has continued playing each Zelda game at release.

Serving as the Manager of Zelda Dungeon, Mases’ main duties are behind the scenes, including the management of the web server, site design, team management, and the overall direction of the website. His more visual contributions are the creation and continued updating of articles on the Wiki, as well as all the Zelda Walkthroughs featured on the website.

Outside of The Legend of Zelda, Mases is an avid game collector, with his most prized item being the near complete collection of original NES library. Including modern homebrews, fan translated games, and game hacks, Mases’ NES collection has surpassed over 1000 unique NES games. In addition to collecting, Mases is also an avid Arcade player, frequenting many of the local arcades in the Chicagoland area.

In addition to video games, Mases’ other passions include youth Baseball, where he serves as the Commissioner of the CSYBA, a regional Baseball League in the Chicagoland area, where over 600 teams and 7,000 children participate annually. Mases’ also coaches Chess at Niles North High School, where he has worked since 2010.

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