Judy Cooper

Managing Editor

Location: Randalstown, Northern Ireland
Favorite Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
Date Joined: April 2018

Choose happiness, whatever that may be

Hi, I’m Judy and I’ve been a writer for Zelda Dungeon since April 2018. I’m from Northern Ireland, and I’m an animal lover. I have a beautiful Yorkie named Boo and she is just the light of my life!

I started playing video games on my N64 when I was eight years old, which is when I discovered Zelda, and I’ve pretty much been hooked ever since. When it comes to the series, I love to discuss the timeline and hearing other people’s views and opinions on it.

Until recently, my favorite Zelda game was definitely Ocarina of Time. It was my first Zelda game and I have so many wonderful memories associated with playing it, but I just can’t deny how good Tears of the Kingdom is. After over 20 years, that title takes the number one spot!

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