Tri Force Heroes appears to be full of cool, little easter eggs based on other Nintendo franchises. Some we’ve already seen, such as Hammer Bros costume based on Super Mario Bros. and the Cosy Parka inspired by Ice Climber; but there are still other Nintendo references hidden away in the game. Nintendo Life recently revealed on YouTube that Tri Force Heroes has a subtle, but fresh reference to Splatoon in its costume shop.

When Link finishes a conversation with Madame Couture, the costume shop owner, the woman will say one of many farewell phrases. In one very cool instance, she will say, “Stay fresh, Boy!” This subtle remark is actually a reference to the Inkopolis News program catchphrase heard in Nintendo’s Splatoon. It may be a small, but this easter egg is fitting after Splatoon hid Octoroks from the Zelda series in some of its maps earlier this year.

Are you excited by this easter egg? What other games do you want to see referenced in Tri Force Heroes? Let us know in the comments!

Tri Force Heroes photoshop by Pryoslim

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