Rumors have swirled for months regarding Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s mysterious final mode. Well, during today’s Nintendo Direct event, director Masahiro Sakurai announced that a new Spirits system will be taking up that final slot in the game’s main menu. Spirits are a collection of non-fighter characters that will aid players in battle by boosting their stats in a variety of ways. These Spirit characters are drawn from Nintendo’s vast catalogue and beyond, so gamers disappointed that their favorite character wasn’t included on the roster may find solace in their appearance as a Spirit.

Replacing the trophy collection mechanic of past Smash Bros. games, this new Spirits Mode will allow players to battle and collect characters from across video game history. While not playable fighter characters, these Spirits can still lend a helping hand to players during matches. Players can build a team of Spirits, with one primary Spirit and up to three support Spirits, and customize their main fighter with boosts, perks, and power-ups.

Spirits can be acquired in something called a Spirit Battle, in which a player and its team of Spirits challengers another fighter with its own Spirit companion. Winning the match will net you a new Spirit that you can use in further Spirit Battles. In Spirit Battles, the fighter (or fighters) that you face off against take on similar qualities to the Spirit for which you’re challenging. For example, if you’re challenging for The Imprisoned, you will face a dark colored King K. Rool that lets a Ghirahim Assist Trophy fight for him. In a way, these Spirit Battles are a lot like Event Matches, in which each battle provides an interesting challenge or gimmick.

Once a Spirit is acquired, you can level it up in battle, enhance it into a more powerful form, train it at dojos, send them off to find treasure, or sacrifice it to summon rarer Spirits or level up amiibo fighters. There certainly are a lot of uses for these Spirit characters, but where do they fit in the larger Smash Bros. Ultimate experience?

Well, based on the closing moments of the Nintendo Direct, it seems Spirits will also be part of a single player adventure experience, in line with the Subspace Emissary from Smash Bros. Brawl. With all of Ultimate‘s fighters turned into Spirits by an unknown force, it’s up to you to explore a large overworld map (which merges various Nintendo worlds), take part in Spirit Battles, and rescue other fighters.

There are countless Spirit characters already announced, but here are the ones brought in from the Zelda series:

  • Great Fairy
  • The Moon
  • Yuga
  • Revali
  • Bokoblin
  • The Imprisoned
  • Guardian
  • Urbosa
  • Skull Kid
  • Loftwing
  • Princess Ruto
  • Daruk
  • Darknut
  • Fishman (Called Merman)

Are you excited about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s Spirits Mode? Are you looking forward to the new Adventure Mode? What Zelda characters do you want to see as Spirits? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo Direct

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