Spirit Tracks MEGA UPDATE

Alright folks, time for a MEGA update on Spirit Tracks! This is also a summary of everything we have so far on the game. We’re all hyped up for tomorrow’s release and we’ve worked literally day and night to get all the content ready for tomorrow. We hope you like it!

First off, the Spirit Tracks Walkthrough is now complete, with the last four sections finally completed. But that’s not all—we also have 6 new videos, including the final boss and the game’s ending!


ZeldaInformer is proud to present the complete walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda – Spirit Tracks! The walkthrough contains absolutely no spoilers so you don’t have to worry about it ruining your game experience. It has been kept short and concise, in the form of bullet lists, designed to help you when you’re stuck at a puzzle. We’re not trying to play the game for you.

We’ve also made a separate boss page for those who are only stuck on the big fellas.

And lastly, for those who might want a printer-friendly version, here you have it.

Articles and Impressions

Our staff and many other sites have all been busy writing up all kinds of predictions, reviews and commentaries in order to give you a full view on Link’s most epic adventure in the past four years. Feel free to join the discussion on the forum!

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They say a picture says more than a thousand words. Well, then a thousand images should be telling quite a tale. Head to our gallery to check out over one thousand screenshots from Spirit Tracks!


Throughout the past few days ZeldaInformer has brought you numerous videos of gameplay footage. Below you will find the newest ones, but make sure to head to our YouTube page to check out the rest!

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