It’s true folks. We do more at ZI then simply provide articles for your

reading pleasure. I am pleased to announce the opening of the brand new

Spirit Tracks game section.

Along with the opening of the section comes a piece of content for the

game. Content? For a game that’s not even released? Take the jump to

find out what we have in store.

Spirit Tracks Link and ZeldaI am pleased to open the section’s first piece of content: Game Controls. It covers everything from controlling Link and the Phantom to controlling the train. It’s a rather simple content piece that shows off some of our new formatting, and even includes a video! The plan is to make video content much more prominent with full on instructional pieces down the road.

Another new feature you may notice on the main game page itself is the inclusion of news and articles related to the game. Any news or articles we post about our games will now be easily and readily accessible by going to the game’s main page. We’ll be doing this for all the games, so bear with us.

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