Spirit Tracks: Leaked

Spirit Tracks Spirit Tracks 2

No, it’s not December 7th. Yes, that is Spirit Tracks. No, we didn’t receive a PR copy. Yes, you can (illegally) download and play it right now. No, we can’t provide links. Yes, you can probably find a link via Google. Downsides? Anti-piracy measures remove controls from the train, making getting past the first few minutes impossible. This problem doesn’t seem to exist when playing on the DeSmuME emulator, however, with the only big issue there being some slight lag. Keep it locked on this post for updates.

UPDATE: Give us three hours, and we’ll have an actual copy all to ourselves. How? Bosnian magic.

UPDATE: We’ve got ourselves a real copy!

UPDATE: A patch has been released which allows play to be possible on most emulators and flash carts.

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