Spirit Tracks Updates!

Spirit Tracks Screenshot

Hey guys, today is the real big day for a lot of you. Spirit Tracks is officially out in all retailers in the United States, so head on over to your local game stores and pick up this amazing Zelda title.

Here at Zelda Dungeon we are still hard at work on our Spirit Tracks Walkthrough. Today we have added chapter 8 of the walkthrough, which covers the 4th temple, the Fire Temple. (not counting the Temple of Spirits).

Additionally, we’ve put up a placeholder page for all of the Heart Containers that you’ll find in the game. Much like Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks does not have pieces of heart, but rather, just full heart containers. Link starts with three hearts and can get all the way up to sixteen of them. Five of them are found after defeating the temples in the game, while the other eight are through mini-games and other quests. Stay tuned as we will be updating our Spirit Tracks Content all week here at Zelda Dungeon! Go out and enjoy Spirit Tracks!

Spirit Tracks Walkthrough
Spirit Tracks Walkthrough Chapter 8: Fire Temple
Spirit Tracks Heart Containers

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