Spirit Tracks Scores 91%

Spirit Tracks Screenshot

With Spirit Tracks already shipped out to many reviewers, it’s no surprise that reviews are starting to flow in. The folks over at CVG gave their review and scored the game at a 91%. This is probably one of the more spoiler-free reviews that you will read, so if you want to know a bit about the game, but don’t want to be overly spoiled, this is the review for you. Quoted below is a small excerpt from the conclusion of their review.

Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks isn’t the refresh so many fans are calling for, but that task can be left for the next big boy Wii entry. Despite this – and the fact that it’s a little on the easy side, like Hourglass – this is still a stunning example of brilliant game design and you won’t find much better on any handheld.

Spirit Tracks is set to ship in just FIVE days. Be sure to check back at Zelda Dungeon, your Spirit Tracks Headquarters, as we will be providing a Spirit Tracks Walkthrough as quick as we can.

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