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Spirit Tracks Pre-Order Bundle

Spirit Tracks Figurine

It appears our European friends are getting another Spirit Tracks bundle. About a week back we reported on a bundle that included a tin box and recycled figurines from Phantom Hourglass. This bundle however, includes more figurines of Link and a Phantom, but they are brand new for Spirit Tracks. One of them is pictured to your right. The website with the information can be viewed by clicking here, but unfortunately, it is not in English.

For some more pictures of this bundle, click here. You will also notice that the figurines come with a mini booklet or pamphlet with some writing. We’re not sure at the moment if this is going to be a European exclusive, but if I had to guess, it sure does look that way.

Spirit Tracks is due out on December 7th in the US and December 11th over in Europe.

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