Spirit Tracks Pages Updated!

Spirit Tracks Snake Whip

We have updated several of our Spirit Tracks pages today with all the latest information concerning the game.

Spirit Tracks Items – This page has been updated to include the new look of the Snake Whip, as well as adding the newly announced Spirit Pipes and Tears of Light. We are still sorting through ideas on how we want to display images but we have placeholder images for all the items that we currently know of.

Spirit Tracks Enemies – I have added an image and description for the newly revealed White Wolfos. Additionally, with the recent Bomb Train Artwork revealed, I have added the bomb train to our guide. I have also added the Spiked Slug to the page, an enemy I missed at an earlier time when creating the guide. With these additions, that brings the number of known enemies to 21!

Spirit Tracks Characters – Thanks to our staff member, Steve, I have added several transparent images for several more of the characters that we now have artwork for. I also added the recently revealed Niko, along with a scanned picture of him.

Spirit Tracks is set to release on December 7th here in North America and December 11th for those of you in Europe. As we draw closer we will be keeping our Spirit Tracks pages as up to date as we can, and once Spirit Tracks releases, we will be providing a complete Spirit Tracks Walkthrough.

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