Spirit Tracks Tin Box Set

The guys over at Gamestation.co.uk have a limited edition tin set that they are selling for the upcoming release of the Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks. The set is priced at £39.99, while the regular value for reserving Spirit Tracks is £34.99, (currently on sale for £27.99). For Americans like myself, £39.99 comes out to just under $60. The tin set is dated the same day as the UK release date, which is December 11th, 2009. Spirit Tracks hits stores in North America on December 7th, 2009, and here at Zelda Dungeon we will be providing a Spirit Tracks Walkthrough shortly after the game is released.

The tin set comes complete with the following.
-A copy of the Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
-Limited edition tin box
-Miniature figures of Link and his Phantom partner

I found a high quality picture of the figurines over at our affiliate, Zelda Universe. Click to get a bigger image.

Spirit Tracks Tin Box Miniatures
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