Spirit Tracks Japanese Release Date


In what is a bit unusual for the Legend of Zelda series, the Japanese release date has been revealed for Spirit Tracks, but it is after the North American and European release. While North America will get their hands on the game on December 7th and Europe on December 11th, it appears Japan will have to wait until December 23rd. This was all revealed in a recent interview with Shigeru Miyamoto. Here is a full transcript of the Zelda related portion of the interview where Miyamoto talks Spirit Tracks, Zelda Wii, and the Wii Motion Plus.

“I was hoping you’d ask about the most recent Zelda for DS. On December 23rd in Japan we are going to release The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, a sequel of Phantom Hourglass. It’s really fun and challenging. On the other hand it might be a bit difficult for many new Japanese Zelda players who experienced their first adventure on Phantom Hourglass. I believe Spirit Tracks have achieved a unique style and I think you can anticipate the core value of Zelda!

And the new Zelda for Wii is beyond that. On developing the recent Zelda for DS, I found out that one of Zelda’s core appeals is its uniqueness. Of course we are preparing gorgeous graphics for the sake of users’ anticipation for a grand role-playing adventure. But what I believe is very important is the realistic, actual feeling players have experienced themselves; the feeling to have really been on an adventure, to have explored the unknown terrains, to have solved the puzzle through trial and errors, to have themselves grown through various experiences! In that sense, a personal sense of creativity is becoming important among us. We have assembled one of the most creative team for the recent Zelda for DS, and we want to be as creative as possible for upcoming Wii Zelda.

And on a more tangible note, we are utilizing Wii MotionPlus. What has been disclosed so far is that we are finding the most efficient way to utilize Wii MotionPlus to realize the realistic and actual feeling of fighting with the sword. As for targeting, we are utilizing the pointing system of Wii Remote on the previous title. This time we are planning a more convenient and comfortable pointing system.” ~ Shigeru Miyamoto

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