Spirit Tracks Impressions

Heyyy guys! Been a while since I did a non-mailbag video huh? This one is the impressions video for Spirit Tracks, which I beat a little while ago; sorry for the wait! This video explains my thoughts on the game. Of course, I tried to make it as entertaining as possible too!

This video is only about Spirit Tracks. This does not cover my opinion of the game in comparison to Phantom Hourglass, only my thoughts on Spirit Tracks on its own. Next week I’ll do a video comparing the two, so you can look forward to that!

Well these are my thoughts on the game, but what about you guys? What did you think of Spirit Tracks? Did you like it a lot? Not very much? Mixed opinions? How about the story, the rabbits (AUGH!!) or the similarities to Twilight Princess? Tell me in the comments!

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