Spirit Tracks Guide Update

Spirit Tracks Screenshot

Spirit Tracks is set to release on December 23rd over in Japan, which will complete its release into all major gaming markets. So if you haven’t picked up Link’s latest adventure, you definitely should! I’m sure many of you out there are impatiently waiting for Christmas to come and a copy of Spirit Tracks under the tree. Just hang tight as it is just a few days away!

Here at Zelda Dungeon we have been hard at work on our Spirit Tracks Walkthrough over the past few days and we have a few updates for you all today. While the text for the Spirit Tracks guide has been complete for over a week now, we are still making constant updates to some of the chapters. Chapter 3, which covers Link’s second journey through the Tower of Spirits, is now nearly 100% complete! It has been formatted and now includes tons of screenshots, maps, and fancy boxes. Additionally, chapters 4 and have 5 have received a textual overhaul, as they now include numerous side quests and secrets that are found within the game. Over the next several days we will be continuing to upgrade our walkthrough so stay tuned!

Spirit Tracks Walkthrough
Chapter 3: Tower of Spirits 2
Chapter 4: The Snow Realm
Chapter 5: Tower of Spirits 3

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