We have two new pieces related to Spirit Tracks for you today. The first is a 10minute gameplay video that looks at two of the three available demos of the game at this years E3. We can get a better idea on how both the Phantom and the Whirlwind work in the upcoming Zelda title.

Additionally, GameTrailers has a hands on review of the E3 Spirit Tracks demo and it can be viewed by clicking here. The author of the article touches on the fact that the whirlwind is not as accurate as we’d like it to be. It has a tendency to shoot out a whirlwind when you do not expect it to do so. Additionally, the author mentions how the hit detection of the lava portion seemed a bit off. Nevertheless, the author stresses that this is just a demo and we should expect these minor flaws to be cleaned up in time for the games release.

The Spirit Tracks Items page has been updated with the new information concerning the Whirlwind. Additionally the Spirit Tracks Videos have been updated to include the latest gameplay video. Remember, once the game has launched, we will be providing an in-depth Spirit Tracks Walkthrough.

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