The folks over at have uploaded several new videos showing off some of the cutscenes in the game, as well as some new gameplay. Shown below is the full gameplay scene of Link collecting the third Tear of Light and then Princess Zelda taking control over the body of a phantom.

Jump on inside to check out two more videos that were released.

The next video below is the scene where Link first meets back up with the spirit of Princess Zelda. After quite a talk, Princess Zelda will give Link the Spirit Flute.

The third video shows off gameplay from the second dungeon, the Snow Temple. Just from watching this short clip, it is clear that the Whirlwind is used prominently within this dungeon. This is great, since the whirlwind is the dungeon item from the first dungeon. This has been a common complaint in Zelda games where a dungeon item is used primarily only in its own dungeon. It looks as if Spirit Tracks is trying to break that mold. At least with the whirlwind. The video concludes with a short spoiler. So watch at your own risk!

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