Another new Spirit Tracks gameplay video is available courtesy of IGN and it has been added to our Spirit Tracks Videos section.

(Video was removed but can be viewed at the Spirit Tracks Videos section)

The video shows Link while he is riding on the train in Spirit Tracks. Link uses the cannon in a very similar fashion as the steamboat cannon from Phantom Hourglass. Link uses the stylus to shoot out cannonballs towards boars that are running across the tracks, as well as at what appears to be bulblins that are riding on top of the boars.

While riding on the train, the track splits ahead so Link must decide whether to go straight ahead on the tracks or to turn to the right. The track leads Link into a tunnel where he finds enemies crawling around the walls. These enemies look similar to spiders as they crawl around the tunnel. They could perhaps be a new variation of a tektite. Link uses his cannon to knock them off one by one. Link can stop his train at any point and even travel in reverse to make room so that he can defeat the enemies that are straight ahead.

With this gameplay video, we have updated our Spirit Tracks Enemies page. Remember, once Spirit Tracks is released, we will be providing an indepth Spirit Tracks Walkthrough.

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