Spirit Tracks Figures on Sale

It’s a sad truth in the gaming world that Japan benefits from a lot of awesome stuff which the rest of the world misses out on. Some of these things have included the rare DS game Color Changing Tingle’s Love Balloon Trip (although the exact demand for this game in the west is debatable) and Hyrule Historia. However, like the latter, one Japan exclusive is being made available to purchase internationally in the West.

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Those of you with sharp memories will remember these Spirit Tracks figures being available only in Japan more than a year ago. These came in small choco eggs and were concealed so that you didn’t know which figure you had obtained until you had opened it. With 11 figures available and one secret “chase” figure for fans to find, these figures sold out fairly quickly and are quite a sought-after piece of Zelda merchandise. New York-based supplier NCSX has procured a number of these figures in their original capsules and are currently selling all 11 in one convenient package for the price of $48.90.

Interested? You can purchase the figures here direct from NCSX.

I think that it’s great that more Japan exclusives are being made available in the West. Hopefully there will be more pieces of merchandise and games following in the footsteps of these figurines and Hyrule Historia so that us westerners can benefit from more Japanese awesomeness to supplement our love for Zelda.

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Source: NCSX.

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