Spirit Tracks Enemy Artwork

Spirit Tracks Enemy Artwork

While the staff here at Zelda Dungeon is still hard at work on our Spirit Tracks Walkthrough, there are a lot of other things going on here at the site and within the online Zelda community. A few weeks back I mentioned a project we were working on to gather as much fan artwork for the enemies within Spirit Tracks. After making the post, I’ve gotten over 15 submissions and many of them are now available in our Spirit Tracks Enemy Artwork Gallery!. One such piece can be seen on the right side, and it depicts a Bulblin Rider. Be sure to head on over to our gallery to see the rest of the images, where you can also post comments on each individual piece!

This gallery portion relaunches the Zelda Dungeon Fan Artwork section of the website. We are taking a different approach to fan artwork this time around, and we are focusing only on specific site related projects, rather than having open fan artwork. Other sites, such as North Castle and the popular deviantART already handle that pretty well. So we will be focusing on specific projects and our first one has already begun. Head on over to the Spirit Tracks Enemy Artwork Project to find out more information on how you can contribute!

That’s not all! While we here at Zelda Dungeon are in the midst of a Spirit Tracks craze, we aren’t the only ones in the community chugging out new Zelda material. Our friends over at Zelda Universe are working on a Walkthrough of their own for Spirit Tracks. Additionally, they just launched what will become a weekly Comics section at the site, which will feature comics about the Legend of Zelda series, as well as about specific members of their own fan community.

It surely is a good time to be a Zelda fan. Hope you all are enjoying Spirit Tracks! We’ll be updating many times over the weekend with the newest batch of Spirit Tracks content!

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