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Shigeru Miyamoto is at it again, once again speaking about both the Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks and Zelda Wii. Lets first start off with his most recent statement on Spirit Tracks.

[Zelda Spirit Tracks] will be really fun. It’s turning out to be rather challenging. Many of our Japanese customers were introduced to the Zelda series with Phantom Hourglass, and Spirit Tracks could prove to be kind of hard for them, but I thought we’d show them what Zelda is really made of this time around. So it’s turning into quite a unique title.

This sounds great! I know there are a handful of Zelda fans out there who were greatly disappointed that Phantom Hourglass was a bit too easy, so the idea that Spirit Tracks is givings fans who played Phantom Hourglass a hard time, is a great sign of things to come. This wasn’t it though, Miyamoto also spoke briefly concerning Zelda Wii.

I’ve managed to gather quite a few creative team members for Zelda Spirit Tracks, so I’d like Zelda Wii to also enjoy creative development as much as possible… About MotionPlus. We’re implementing it so that players can feel like they themselves are holding the sword. In the previous Zelda (TP Wii) the targeting was based on the IR pointer. This time however, we’ll be using MotionPlus for a variety of more convenient targeting systems that will allow for more pleasant gameplay.

Motion Plus is in and the idea of full sword play control makes me drool. It has been talked about for several years, ever since the Nintendo Wii controller was first revealed, but it seems it is going to finally come to fruition with the next Wii Zelda title.

Zelda Wii is still quite a distance away… and while I’m quite interested to see how the motion plus sword play will actually play out, I’m even more excited that it looks Spirit Tracks is going to be pushed a bit further in the difficulty department. If you are as excited about the recent news as I am, be sure to head on over to our Zelda Forums to discuss the latest developments.

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