Spirit Tracks Content Updates

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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks has been out for over a month now and we have started to move back into our regular flow of site updates. However, there are still a ton of Spirit Tracks content projects going on and we got a few of them ready for today.

My fellow Webmaster Caleb is finally back after a couple weeks off due to some evil computer issues. He’s now right back in the swing of things and Chapter 4 of our Spirit Tracks guide is now filled with beautiful maps and screenshots. Additionally, the text for Chapters 10-12 of the guide are now 100% complete. This finishes off the text of the entire guide, which now includes all items, upgrades, treasure chests, stamp stations, rabbits, etc…

Additionally, we have updated our Treasures page and we have added a Train Parts page for the game. Neither page is fully complete yet as they still need to be filled up with relevant images, but the text for both has come along nicely.

That’s about it for now but be sure to check back often as we finish off some of our Spirit Tracks content and provide more general Zelda material. In the meantime, why not take a stop at our growing Zelda Forum Community! The boards have been more active than ever before in the last month so now is a great time to jump right in.

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