Another gameplay video has surfaced, this one being from GameTrailers. The video includes more gameplay of Link is on the train shooting the various enemies in the game. However, more details concerning the storyline and the use of the phantom have been revealed.

According to GameTrailers, Spirit Tracks will take place 100 years after the events of Phantom Hourglass . This signifies that it almost certainly is a brand new Link in this Zelda title.

Additionally, more details of the use of the phantom have been revealed. Not only can Link use the Phantom to attack enemies and to walk across fire based areas of the dungeons, but the Phantom also has the ability to carry Link over some of these fire obstacles. It seems the phantom is going to be an integral part of the various dungeons in the game.

Our Spirit Tracks Characters page has been updated to include the new information about the Phantom. Additionally, the new Game Trailers video has been added to our Spirit Tracks Videos page. Remember, once Spirit Tracks releases, we will be providing a complete Spirit Tracks Walkthrough. Stay tuned for more Spirit Tracks information as E3 draws to a close.

(Video was removed but can be viewed at the Spirit Tracks Videos section)

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