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Spirit Pipes Screenshots

Spirit Tracks Spirit Pipes Screenshot

Just yesterday Nintendo revealed the newest musical instruments to hit the Legend of Zelda series, and today several new Spirit Tracks screenshots have been made available. The site that revealed the screenshots is not in English, but you can still check out the Greek Spirit Tracks Website for the screenshots and a few paragraphs about them. A paraphrased translation is shown below.

Before heading to each region or each temple, Link will find a member of the Locomos tribe and will learn a song to play on his Spirit Pipes. Playing these various songs will help open new areas of the overworld by restoring portions of the Spirit Tracks.

You will need to blow into the microphone of the Nintendo DS in order to produce the right note, while using the stylus and touch screen to tap the right tone and play the right songs on the Spirit Pipes. A screenshot to your left perhaps gives you a better idea on how this will work. It really does seem like it is going to be very involving, using the combination of the microphone and the touch screen. In addition to the screenshot to your left, three others have been revealed and you can view them by clicking here. Spirit Tracks is set to release on December 7th here on the United States.

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