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Naturally, we’ll be all over it. One assumes they will be able to get their hands on the demo before we will, and while we’ll provide you unique footage, perspective, and hands on impressions of our most anticipated title on the show floor, that wont wont stop us from making sure we cover every inch of Skyward Sword coverage from around the net. Apparently, outside of the Nintendo Press Conference, the first stop on that coverage will now be Spike TV.

“Can’t say too much about E3 week on Spike/GT yet, but here’s one nugget: We’ll have the first live demo of Zelda: Skyward Sword.”Geoff Keighley

Keep in mind that Game Trailers and Spike TV are partners, so chances are the live demo will also be broadcasted on the web through some sort of “live E3 feed” on Game Trailers. We’ll let you know the moment it goes up, and naturally when they post a video of it we’ll be sure to bring it to you all.

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