Way back in March of last year, a little known group known as The Speed Gamers took up the challenge of running through seven Legend of Zelda titles in 72 hours in an attempt to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. While they didn’t make it completely through each game, they did raise $1,090, and went on to do more and more marathons for different video game series, eventually raising $15,648.23 in total.

Tonight, they return to Zelda, this time, attempting to finish the following within a 72 hour time limit:

* The Legend of Zelda

* Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

* A Link to the Past

* Link’s Awakening

* The Ocarina of Time

* Majora’s Mask

* Oracle of Ages

* Oracle of Seasons

* The Wind Waker

* The Minish Cap

* Twilight Princess

* Phantom Hourglass

* Four Swords Adventures

All donations go towards Ally’s House, a group which aids families of those undergoing cancer treatment.

For a live stream and information on how to donate, check their official site.

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