Ever since the birth of Ocarina of Time, speedrunners have been blasting their way through it using any tactics they can: back flips, sliding, glitches, wall running, etc. Yesterday, the record for fastest completion of the game was broken by a man named Joel Westerberg, who already held the record but decided to break it again.

Westerberg managed to reach the end of the game in 18 minutes and 5 seconds, breaking the previous record of 18 minutes and 7 seconds. Joel shaved a whole two seconds off of his previous time by using a new glitch discovered in February. The glitch allows you to obtain a bottle in the Great Deku Tree, as well as the Light Arrows. The Light Arrows are not useful for the speed run however, so only the bottle is obtained.

Joel manages to make short work of Ganondorf and says, “We got it, it’s the world record!”

Have you done any speed running yourself, or are you going to leave it up to the pros? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: YouTube (via Joel Westerberg)

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