Ganondorf Ocarina of Time

Yesterday, we amongst many other media outlets received our press copy of Ocarina of Time 3D, along with some detailed instructions on what we are and aren’t allowed to tell you guys/gals. One of the main points was that we’re not allowed to say or show anything about the final boss fight.

To the masses, it seems odd because isn’t it just a remake? It’s interesting to note, that in all of the footage to date, and with everything we’ve seen in the boss replay mode – we have never seen anything to do with the final boss. We’ve all seen the final boss before though, so what’s this all about? We at Zelda Informer want to know what you think this “secrecy” implies. Is it that Nintendo just wants to keep the revamped look of the epic finale a secret, or is there more to it?

There are a number of suggestions going around. For starters, the basic reason says that Nintendo wants to keep the finale hidden because it has been extensively improved. Take for instance a certain scene involving Ganon’s Tower. No doubt that looks awesome in the remake, but is that, and the overall look of the finale, what Nintendo doesn’t want seen? Maybe they just want the finale to be left for people to experience themselves, but how different can it be to the original? Can it actually be spoiled?

There are, of course, the more complex conspiracy type theories going around. Some are saying that there have been massive changes, new content and the like, that Nintendo doesn’t want “leaked”. Others are saying that this is where we will find that orchestrated track.

It’s normal for developers to want the press to not give away the ending of their games, but this is Ocarina of Time – it’s 13 years old. What do you make of all of this? We want to know. Let us know your ideas in the comments below. I leave you with a comment from our site viewer JW/69:

Show us the final boss & see if Reggie shows up at your house to kick your ass & take your name.

Seriously though, we take non-disclosure agreements extremely seriously, so don’t even ask us to tell you anything. Besides, we haven’t even gotten that far into the game yet, so we don’t know. Now, discuss…

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