The Chamber of Sages recently uploaded their theory on what happened to Breath of the Wild’s Leviathans, gargantuan creatures that died long before the game’s set time. As the scientists in Breath of the Wild theorize that the leviathans died due to a volcanic eruption, a great ice age, and a drought, Link finds the skeletal remains of each of the three beasts and takes pictures of them for the scientists. The video features GameOver Jesse, who speculates a bit on what type of beasts the three skeletons could have been based on their skeletons’ location in Hyrule. Jesse notes that leviathans are traditionally giant whale-like creatures and begins to note what other creatures in the Zelda series match this description.

GameOver Jesse notices that the skeletal structure of the Eldin leviathan has a big plate on its head, which makes him wonder if it could be the possible remains of Levias from Skyward Sword. He also observes that the other two skeletal structures of the creatures closely resemble a humpback whale and a blue whale, which could mean that they are the remains of either the Wind Fish and the Ocean King, or, they could be the remains of Lord Jabu-Jabu and Jabun.

In any case, watch the video above, and state your own theory on this Zelda mystery in the comments down below!

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