Special Moves for Link

The official Super Smash Bros. Brawl site has announced Link’s special moves. They include the Gale Boomerang which “deals damage when thrown at an enemy, but when it comes back, it also lightly pulls the foe’s body.” Which seems pretty cool and could be used in interesting ways. Maybe a foe is avoiding you because they have a high damage percentage. Just use the boomerang to pull them closer and use a spin attack and fling them out of the ring. Could work, we’ll have to see how close the boomerang pulls characters, though.

The second special is the hero’s bow. Not much here since we’ve seen the hero’s bow in SSBM already.

Third is the bomb which all the site adds is “Are these bombs made by Barnes?” Is it trying to imply something? Probably not, not sure why it was necessary to put that.

Fourth is the afore mentioned spin attack which you can apparently “charge up…”

Fifth is Clawshot which can be used for tether recoveries which were mentioned in an earlier news post on the site. They’re essentially rope-like objects that can pull you back into the ring if you get pushed off the site.

You can check out some of pictures of the moves Here.

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