Could Nintendo be bringing dual screens to a console near you in late 2012? The more we hear about it, the more crazy it sounds… and more “Nintendo” it sounds like. More powerful than present consoles can always be an over-exaggeration (after all, tech specs haven’t been released, merely hearsay from third parties presently creating games for it), but a small HD screen in the remote? That is definitely something Nintendo would do. How does it work, how doesn’t it get in the way? What sort of functionality does it serve? Who knows, but what I do know is, assuming the reports are correct, Nintendo is going to be off to a great start next gen. Hop inside for more thoughts on the subject and what it could mean, plus a guess at a potential price point…

For those worried about price (especially if it’s going to sport higher specs than the PlayStation 3), you should be able to reconcile with the fact that Nintendo has never really made something unreasonable in terms of pricing. If old trends continue, the new console “should” be around 300$, with 350$ being the ceiling. Keep in mind that is roughly what present generation costs, so they wouldn’t be pricing themselves out of the market at that level, and the technology is much cheaper now than it was when the present gen debuted at 400$ and 600$ respectively. I assume it will have an internal hard drive of some type, and you could bet it will be on the low end (20 GB or less) to help keep the console affordable.

Keep in mind of course that this is all speculation from several varying sources that cannot be confirmed in any fashion, but there are enough credible sites reporting about it (and claiming they’re getting their info from real sources) that it’s unlikely for it to be just a rumor and nothing more. There has to be some truth to this news, and it looks more and more likely that the initial wishing for an E3 unveiling may not be so farfetched, especially if third parties already have the machine for development purposes.

This is pretty exciting news, even if it’s over-exaggerated a tad (anyone remember the NGP being rumored to have PS3 graphics?). Point I am making is that while I will hold off on saying this is all true; I will not take the news light in the least bit. The Wii2 (or whatever it is called) is certainly poised to gain a lot of the market it lost with the Wii, and surely the Nintendo brand name is going to carry some of the new market over, especially as the system drops in price over the years.

Nintendo set themselves up very nicely to make a move such as this, which is why it’s even more possible. Here’s hoping it’s true, and that the screen in the controller really provides some nice innovation for home consoles. Could Nintendo be bringing the touch generation into motion gaming at home? It would truly be a great feat to accomplish.

Source: CvG.com

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