Youtube user snubbyj has an incredible recreation of several songs from Ocarina of Time played on a homemade instrument made of  various pvc pipes. This instrument is the same that was made famous by The Blue Man Group, and this particular instrument is a home brew version. The four minute medley covers songs such as the Kokiri forest, Gerudo valley, Castletown Market, and several others very smoothly and without skipping a beat. Visit his channel to see other songs and medleys performed on the same instrument.

Overall this a very amazing display of skill replaying some of the best songs from the game. I am stunned at how great these songs sound when played on something as simple as pvc pipes. I never thought something like this could be possible with such regular objects, especially the duo covering the Gerudo Vally. It’s easily my favorite song covered.

Did you enjoy the video? Which song was your favorite? Did he miss any songs from Ocarina of Time? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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