“Song of Storms” Metalcore Cover

Cole Rolland and Bryce Goertzen bring us a new sound that we all find quite familiar. The “Song of Storms” like you have never heard before, a metalcore remix. For those of you who don’t know what metalcore is, it is a mix between extreme metal and hardcore punk. How does that sound for you? Link shredding on the guitar in a hair band? Well don’t get your hopes up, instead it is just two normal fans with extreme talent and a great imagination. Jump on in to see their remix!

Metalcore has been picking up over the past couple of years, most bands that play the famous “Vans Warped Tour” are mostly metalcore, so we can assume that it is getting extremely popular. Their take on the “Song of Storms” is a very heavy remix, adding their own sweeps and pitch bends to make the remix their own personal Zelda song.

If this song tickles your fancy enough for you to want it on your iPod or maybe as an MP3 file saved on your computer so you can listen to it everyday while you break into people’s houses and destroy their pottery. Well here is where you are in luck my friends, these kind souls that have brought you this great remix also made the song a free MP3 download! Yes that means this song is $00.00 USD! You can download the free MP3 file here!

Feel free to leave some comments below to let us know how you feel about the new heavy “Song of Storms”!

Source: YouTube

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