One interesting yet entertaining subset of practices in the video game world is glitching. While fans have a take it or leave it approach with glitched world record speed runs, it’s undeniable that glitching can be a lot of fun. While gamers have been discovering game glitches for over 30 years, it’s been a long time since we had a nice look at Link’s Awakening, which can be beat in under 10 minutes thanks to glitching. Son of a Glitch, a YouTube channel dedicated to showing off all the various glitches in different games, decided to take on Link’s Awakening (both the DX and original version) to show off a copious amount of glitches. Better yet, he explains exactly how to do them for yourself!

Some of my favorites include taking the chain chomp with you the entire game, obtaining an invisible shield, wall walking, and yes… the moon walk. Have a watch and tell me what your favorite glitch from this game is!

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